Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor

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You’ll enjoy optimal clarity and privacy with this digital video baby monitor.
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True Focus has real-time digital zoom, so you can get a close-up picture of your baby.
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You’ll feel baby’s call, thanks to patented vibration notification.
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Graco True Focus Digital Video Monitor

Secure Digital Technology

Graco’s True Focus Digital Video Monitor provides new parents (just like you!) with peace of mind, so that there is always a clear, private connection with baby. The advanced, secure digital technology means that you will enjoy optimal clarity, performance and privacy – you’ll hear and see your baby wherever you are around the home.

Interference Free

The True Focus Digital Video Monitor operates on the 2.4 GHZ frequency, which means that you won’t have any interference from household electronics. No matter if you’re using a microwave, home phone, mobile phone or running the vacuum, your monitor will work with a clear signal.

In Living Color

This terrific digital baby monitor features a high-resolution screen for superior color video viewing. Plus, the screen is large – 2.4 inches – so you’ll always be able to check in on baby.

Ready for a Close Up

Sometimes you want a closer look at baby, and True Focus Digital Video Monitor can help. Thanks to the real-time digital zoom, you can get a clear, up-close view of your little one, even when you’re in another room.

Good Vibe & Lights

There are times when it’s not convenient to have the volume turned up on your parent’s unit. However, thanks to the built-in sound lights and exclusive vibration, you can always see, hear and feel baby’s call. Sound lights intensify the louder baby calls, so that you’ll have a visual cue and exclusive vibration alerts you.


As a parent, you know your baby is on a schedule. So, you’ll love how convenient the clock on the parent unit is. It allows you to always have a quick reference on time, so you can keep your little one on the right schedule for her.

Battery Backup

You’ll love knowing that your child’s monitor unit always has enough power, thanks to the child unit battery backup. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you can have a connection to your child is comforting to new moms and dads – just like you!

Night Vision

Regardless of the light in your child’s room – from bright daylight to dark nighttime – you’ll be able to have a clear picture of your child. The built-in vision modes mean that you can see baby during the day or in total darkness.

Charge Up

Never get caught without power on your parent unit, thanks to the low battery alarm that alerts you that it’s time to charge up.

Long Range

Stay in touch with baby and keep an eye on her no matter where you are at home. The 1000 foot range allows for complete household coverage.

Clip It

As a parent, you know that you often have your hands full – so, the True Focus Digital Video Monitor has a convenient belt clip. It gives you wear-it-anywhere convenience, so you can have a hands-free connection to your child.

Key Features:
  • Clock feature on parent unit for quick reference
  • Child unit battery backup for added peace of mind
  • Built-in vision modes for seeing baby during the day and in total darkness
  • Low battery alarm reminds you to charge the parent unit
  • 1000 ft. range for complete household coverage
  • Belt clip gives active parents wear-it-anywhere convenience


  • This baby video monitor features advanced, secure digital technology for optimal clarity, performance and privacy.
  • High resolution, 2.4-inch color video screen gives you a clear visual of baby while remaining extremely portable. 1000 ft. video range gives ample room to roam within your house.
  • Real-time digital zoom provides clear, up-close views of baby for your added peace of mind.
  • Exclusive Graco vibration notification technology on single parent unit.
  • Requires batteries. Child unit battery back-up ensures you will not lose contact with baby due to a power outage.


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