Angelcare Baby Video and Sound Monitor, 3.5 Inch Screen, 1 Camera

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Discover the ultimate peace of mind with the dependable, trusted, and beautifully designed angel care ac1320 video and sound monitor. The ac1320 features a high-quality, portable 3.5″ lcd video screen equipped with a sound system so you stay connected to the sounds and sights of your baby-day or night. Why this monitor? Designed to integrate seamlessly into your connected life, the angel care ac1320 video and sound monitor combines a high-quality video and sound monitor with the convenience of touch screen in a portable, rechargeable parent unit. The angel care story: in 1997, angel care founder Maurice Pinsonnault, a new father, wanted a monitor that could do more-one that could detect movement, especially the subtle movements babies make when asleep. Our first baby movement monitor utilized technology that could distinguish a baby’s slightest movements. And angel care was born. Angel care wants parents to understand they’re not alone in this new adventure of parenthood. We’re always here. Using innovative, research-based design and advanced technology to help keep babies safe, supported, and squeaky clean. Angel care products have received countless awards for their ease of use, seamless user experience, and overall quality. Our goal is to reduce the inevitable stresses of infant care with 24/7 peace of mind. With angel care by your side, you’ll be able to savor every joyful moment of your new life. Angel care and caring parents. Building a lifetime of memories together.


  • Our portable, rechargeable parent unit includes a 3.5″ lcd screen, featuring a display that keeps you informed, no matter where you are in your home-and without interrupting your baby’s sleep.
  • With an adjustable camera angle, you can safely position our nursery unit for a perfect view of your little one. You can also check on your baby during the night without disruption thanks to the automatic night vision photo sensor.
  • Temperature display and control-with the ability to sense temperature, you’ll be alerted if the temperature in your baby’s room is too high or low.
  • Expandable-add up to 4 cameras.
  • 3.5″ lcd screen -the lcd screen on the parent unit clearly displays a number of monitoring features. Even with the sound off, you’ll know what’s going on.